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Peek into user behavior like never before

Peek shows you whats working on your website and whats not. Make impactful changes through behavioral analytics.

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eCommerce growth made easy

Gathering data from every click gives you the insight to fast-track your growth.

Heatmaps help you spot the problems on your webpage. See where users click and why.
Session Replays
Understand a visitors journey in depth, by replaying it from start to finish.
Visitor Behavior
Change features and optimize based on visitor trends and behavior.

Spend time on changes that matter.

Make an impact on your business by seeing what works and changing what doesn't.

No credit card required
Focus on your important tasks
Track your progress
Built For eCommerce
Peek was built to grow eCommerce brands to their fullest potential.
Lightest Script
Your won't have to sacrifice page speed as we offer the lightest script in the industry.
Your Data
We believe in being loyal to our users, that is why you’ll never have to worry about having your data sold.

Integrate onto any platform.

Gather user analytics from any platform you chose to grow on. Get up and running in under a minute.

Simple Setup
Integrate in under a minute and start gathering data from the most important platforms.
Mobile Access
Access your analytics data from any device.

Find out what others are saying.

Real reviews left by the people making an impact in their industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try Peek for free?
Yes! All packages include a 10 day free trial with al the features of our Business package. You don’t need to enter your credit card to get started and can choose to upgrade or downgrade at any time.
How do I install Peek?
Installation consists of simply copying and pasting a single tracking code. The code is unique to your website and you have the option to choose what type of tracking you want.
How many websites can I track?
It depends on which package you choose. Our business package allows you to track an unlimited number of your websites at any given time.

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